Addressing the full scope of pain with innovative treatment, direct to the source. 

Integrated Sports and Spine tackles various pain issues head-on, with progressive injection therapy and cutting-edge treatments that mitigate discomfort while enhancing function. Our goal is to build your optimal health levels to ultimately increase mobility, freedom, and happiness.

With a targeted combination of proven interventional medicine treatments, sound medical advice, compassionate care, and focus, the ISS team can reawaken your independence and bring it to new heights. We undertake the full range of pain-related conditions, including cervical dystonia, chronic migraines, musculoskeletal conditions, progressive illnesses, and beyond.

Full Scope of Services


When Integrated Sports and Spine was formed in 2011, owner and lead interventional medicine specialist, Dr. Michael Tracy, had one goal in mind: your comfort. After years of serving patients with unique pain problems and goals, Dr. Tracy sought to create a comprehensive solution that stood the test of time. At Integrated Sports and Spine, the various disciplines associated with interventional medicine and pain management are integrated, with therapeutic injections, manipulation techniques, physical therapy, and continuous patient education provided at our Lafayette practice. With our first-rate team of medical doctors and physician assistants, there isn’t a pain problem we can’t address and alleviate. Using our precisely targeted system for addressing pain-related conditions, we’ve been able to provide proven and effective results. We’re proud to say we’ve enabled our patients to enjoy life again, free of pain or immobility. 

Integrated Sports and Spine provides a dependable source of support for interventional medicine treatments and practices. If you’re tired of living in pain day in and day out, call the ISS team to schedule a consultation and find the freedom you’ve been missing.